Bangalore- Mysore- Ooty and Kodaikanal is evergreen sector for the honeymooners. Combination of city, historical places, jungles and hill stations, this sector has quite become popular.

Bangalore (Bengaluru), the garden city popular for its scenic surroundings and pleasant climate, is the capital of the state Karnataka. Located about 1000 m above sea level, the city known for its sprawling gardens, well designed shopping arcades, art galleries, exotic restaurants & pubs has its own style and sophistication. The city which used to be the largest British military cantonment in South India during the British Raj, is home to large number of migrants from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and North India. It is one of the fastest growing industrial and commercial centres in India in the areas of aerospace, electronics, defence and mainly IT sector- software services which is reflected in the city being referred to as the Silicon Valley of India.

The former capital of the Mysore Maharaja's, Mysore still retains its old world charm with its heritage buildings, cultural traditions and scores of temples. The city with the main palace as the focal point is divided mainly into the north zone, comprising the Vinobha road; and the south zone by the Nazarbad Main Road. Mysore is famous for its beautiful crepe silk sarees and sandalwood oil as well as sandalwood and rosewood carved articles, agarbattis and the delicious Mysore 'Pak'. The month long Dussera celebrations in September - October, with its colourful processions, fireworks and the beautifully lighted palace, gives an enchanting look to the city.

Ooty (Ootacamund) the Queen of the Hill Stations, also known as Blue Mountains is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India. This hill station has splendid green downs and lofty hills of extraordinary scenic beauty and is endowed with a salubrious climate similar to the English summer. Located in the Western Ghats at a height of 7,500ft, Oooty/ Udhagamandalam is the headquarters of the Nilgiri district. Ooty was the former summer retreat of the British. John Sullivan, the collector of Coimbatore who founded the first European settlement here, stumbled across Ooty's idyllic scenery in 19th century during one of his nomadic searches for rare flowers. The name Ooty or Ootacamund derives its name from the local Toda word Udhamandalam meaning village of huts. The Tamil 'Whotai' a species of dwarf bamboo that grows in the forests, 'kai' meaning a fruit or green stuff in the middle and the Toda 'mund' meaning a village clapped at the end. Ooty, however, got its name during the British rule, by calling 'WOTYKAMUND' in the Madras gazette.

Ooty nestles in an amphitheater created by four majestic hills-Doddabetta, Snowdon, Elk Hill and Club Hill. These hills are part of the Nilgiri ranges that are really the meeting point for the Western and the Eastern Ghats.

Ooty has become more of a 'honeymooner's paradise' and a de-facto filming location. Apart from coffee and tea plantations, trees like conifers, pine and wattle dot the hillside of Oooty and its environs. While visiting you will also come across many eucalyptus trenches . The fresh smell of eucalyptus trees in a trendy and clement breeze will make you psychedelic for sure. The funnel-shaped blossoms covering the hills in floral profusion and the lavender-blue flowers spread over the mountains will pack you with memories for a lifetime. Ooty has many places to see. The idyllic valley views, tranquil forest ranges, beautiful flora and fauna with bustling music of the wildlife.

Kodaikanal referred to as 'The Princess of Hill Stations', is situated amidst the folds of the verdant Palani hills in the Western Ghats at an altitude of about 2133 m. The beautiful hill station covering an area of 21.45 is located 120 Km away from Madurai, in Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu. 

Kodai hills was occupied by the primitive tribes of Paliyans and Pulyans in the 14th century and later by the villagers of Palani foothills who fled from the plains to escape the oppressive rule. The Europeans started exploring the place after Lt. B.S. Ward, who visited Kodai hills in 1821, submitted a report about the beauty and the climate of the place. Developed in the 18th century, the hill station was gradually established by American Madura Mission and British Missionaries who built dwellings, churches, schools and introduced and planted new trees to make Kodai what it is today. Several dignitaries who visited the place also contributed to the all around improvement of the place. Now Kodai is surrounded by thickly wooded slopes, waterfalls and a beautiful man made lake in the centre around which the town is located. The hill town is renowned for its educational institutions of international repute. The Kodaikkanal Observatory, surmounting the hill is one of the most important and the only one of its kind institutions in India for the study of meteorology, solar physics and allied subjects.

Kodaikanal has a bracing climate where temperature do not vary much from summer to winter. Fruits like plums and plantains grow abundantly on the wooded slopes apart from a wide variety of flowers, among which is the famous Kurinji flower which blooms once in twelve years. Kodaikanal is a relaxing place with ample beauty for those who want to get away from the heat and haze of the dusty plains during the summer months and for those seeking adventure with its numerous treks ranging from 8km to 27km hikes in forest paths. Contact District Forest office (DFO) (Phone: 91- 04542 -240287) near Hotel Tamil Nadu, for trek details and necessary permissions. Beri- Jam (23 km), a beautiful reservoir amid dense forests is a lovely trek. 

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Kodaikanal - Ooty - Bangalore - Mysore Tour :
Kodaikanal - 3 Nights, Ooty - 3 Nights, Mysore - 1 Nights

Ooty - Mysore - Bangalore Tour :
Ooty - 3 Nights, Mysore - 2 Nights, Bangalore - 1 Night

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Mysore - Coorg - Kabini Tour :
Ooty - 3 Nights, Mysore - 2 Nights, Bangalore - 1 Night

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Mysore - Coorg - Kabini - Wayanad Tour :
Mysore - 2 Nights, Coorg - 3 Nights, Kabini - 1 Night,
Wayanad - 2 nights

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Coorg - Kabini - Ooty - Mysore Tour :
Coorg - 3 Nights, Kabini - 1 Night, Ooty - 2 Nights, Mysore - 1 Night

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Mysore- Coorg- Ooty Tour :
Mysore - 2 Nights, Coorg - 3 Nights, Ooty - 3 Nights

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