Experience the Difference ....

Have you ever felt like going off the beaten track? Have you seen a small lonely hillock and imagined a small nest on its top where you could leave, away from the maddening city life? Looking through the glass pane of your AC hotel room, have you ever thought of staying in the forest visible in the distance? Have you ever chosen a flat cracked land of little rann of Kutch with vast horizon for spending your holidays?

Getting close to the nature often means leaving some of the comforts of modern life. Be it traveling on mountain bike, trekking on foot, sitting on a watchtower for a glimpse of the elusive wild animal, cruising in a river for bird watching or riding on jeep to watch Indian wild ass. If that is your idea of travel, join us on an off-beat tour through the most exotic destinations. We have all the options to appeal to you, and the best part, all of our tours are customized. So you tell us what you want rather that we telling you what are on offer. Here are some glimpses to help you decide.

Wildernest - Dandeli - Karwar Tour :
Wildernest - 2 Nights, Dandeli - 2 Nights, Karwar - 1 Night

Sunderbans Tour :
Sunderban - 3 Nights, Kolkata - 1 Night

Little Rann of Kutch Tour :
Dasada - 2 Nights


Velavdar - Sasan Gir - Little Rann of Kutch Tour :
Velavdar - 2 Nights, Sasan Gir - 2 Nights, Dasada - 2 Nights

Shimla - Sarahan - Sangla - Kalpa - Kaza - Manali Tour :
Shimla - 1 Night, Sarahan - 1 Night, Sangla - 2 Nights,
Kalpa - 1 Night, Kaza - 4 Nights, Manali - 2 Nights,
Chandigarh - 1 Night

Shimla - Sarahan - Kalpa - Sangla Tour :
Shimla - 2 Nights, Sarahan - 1 Night, Kalpa - 1 Night,
Sangla - 2 Nights